Kuipers will lead the final of the European League after a year chased by injuries

The veteran Dutch referee could not be in the eighth and fourth of the Champion for some physical problems. The first appearance was in the semifinals of the Champions League between Bayern MunichBayern Munich and Real Madrid The appointment of Bjorn Kuipers for the final of the Europa League implies that  Pier Luigi Collina  relies on one of his referees for his absolute confidence and that nothing has happened well in recent months. Because the Dutchman, who on March 28 turned 45 years old, has been dragging physical discomfort in recent months. This explains why Kuipers has not been designated in any of the pairings of the eighth and quarterfinals of the  Champions League . 

But it seems that these discomforts are finally forgotten and this explains why  Kuipers  was appointed by  UEFA  for the first leg of the Champions League semi-final between  Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.. Undoubtedly the star tie in the maximum continental competition. 
This designation for the final, when everything seemed to indicate that it could be the Polish  Marciniac , is a prize for a veteran referee, with full guarantees and who has barely been able to participate this season 2017-2018 in the two competitions of the Old Continent. It will also be his second final of the Europa League. The first was in  May 2013 between Benfica and Chelsea at the Amsterdam Arena .Follow our free limso club predictions.

Because Kuipers is one of the most experienced referees in Europe. It is enough to see the incredible curriculum held by the Dutchman. In 2011 he was appointed to the European Super Cup for a few months after being included in the group of referees present at the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine 2012, where he pitched, among others, the France-Ukraine match. Party had to be suspended by a huge storm. Since then his ascent was meteoric. The following season was designated to whistle the final of the European League mentioned above and months later went to the Confederations Cup in Brazil where he whistled the final of the Confederations Cup played at the New Maracana Stadium between the Spanish team and Canarinha. Game of ungrateful memory for "La Roja".

The 2013-2014 season the Dutch team was appointed by UEFA to whistle the  final of the Champions League . The meeting that took place in Lisbon and that faced for the first time the two teams of the capital of Spain,  Real Madrid and Atlético . It certainly does not bring a good memory for the rojiblancos the designation of the Dutchman. But curiosities aside,  Kuipers  was chosen months later within the select group of referees summoned for the  World Cup in Brazil,  where he played games such as England-Italy. It has also been in the last European Championship in France and logically is on the list of members who will be present at the World Cup that starts in less than a month in  Russia .